AVS Forum Gathering in Epson Booth at CEDIA 2015

On Thursday, October 15, Epson hosted an exclusive gathering of AVS Forum members and a few guests in its booth on the CEDIA show floor, and I was amazed that around 40 people showed up! The festivities began with Rajeev Mishra, VP of Commercial Marketing for North America, addressing the crowd about Epson’s new high-brightness projectors as well as the LS10000 laser-phosphor and 6030UB lamp-illuminated projectors, all of which were being demonstrated at the show.

He also commented that Epson has developed true 4K/UHD LCD imaging chips, but using them in consumer projectors would make those products prohibitively expensive at this point. As a result, the company decided to use 1080p imagers with pixel shifting to simulate 4K/UHD resolution in the LS10000 and straightforward 1080p imagers in its other models.

The gathering was so large, we split into two groups that alternated between Epson’s two demo rooms; all projectors in both rooms had been fully calibrated by Kevin Miller. In one room, we saw the Pro Cinema 6030UB as well as the new Pro Cinema 1985, the entry-level model in the new Ultra Brightness line. The screen was a 16:9 Vutec GreyDove (0.95 gain) measuring 123 inches diagonally.

With the lights out, the 6030UB produced a gorgeous image with deep blacks, though Kevin was able to achieve a peak luminance of only 11 foot-lamberts, due in part to the slightly negative-gain screen. And of course, the image looked pretty washed out with the room lights on. Not so with the 1985, which was calibrated to a peak luminance of 40 fL, so it held up beautifully in some ambient light from wall sconces.

In the other room, was saw the LS10000 laser-phosphor hybrid projector on a 2.35:1 Da-Lite HD Progressive 1.1 screen (1.1 gain) measuring 132 inches wide, which allowed Kevin to achieve a peak luminance of 15 fL. (He didn’t measure the peak luminance in 16:9 mode, but he guesses it was probably around 18 fL.) The image was superb with rich colors, deep blacks, and plenty of punch in the blacked-out room.

My heartfelt thanks to Epson for graciously hosting this exclusive gathering of AVS Forum members and their guests. (And thanks to those who identified themselves to me by their AVS Forum user name, which is often the only moniker I know!) A grand time was had by all, and I really enjoyed seeing so many members in person—not to mention the beautiful projected images!

For more on Epson’s new products at CEDIA, see my video coverage here. And thanks to Kris Deering, who took the photo at the top of this article.