Best of CES 2018: TCL Roku Smart Soundbar

TCL Roku Smart Soundbar at CES 2018

Soundbars are evolving. They are becoming smarter and taking on more tasks. In 2018 some soundbars learned a new trick—they can listen. What made TCL’s first-ever soundbar interesting is that it is also the first Roku soundbar. Now, “Hey Roku” is poised to join the likes of Alexa, Hey Google, Hey Siri, Hi Bixby, Yo! Cortana! (just kidding), etc. thanks to the TCL Roku Smart Soundbar.

The cool thing about Roku gaining the power to listen—the feature is called the Roku Entertainment Assistant—is that Roku is already among the best and most robust entertainment platforms out there. And with TCL blazing the trail, it’s likely that the soundbar will be an affordable option when it ships Q3.

So how does it work? Here’s what Roku has to say:

“The TCL Roku Smart Soundbar will feature Roku Entertainment Assistant, the company’s voice assistant built specifically for the home entertainment experience. Roku Entertainment Assistant will allow for seamless voice control of Roku OS devices in the home.” 

“For example, the TCL Roku Smart Soundbar will be able to turn on a TCL Roku TV when asked to launch video content or stream audio even when the TV is turned off. Consumers will be able to use their voice to play, pause and resume music and audio without picking up a remote control or pushing a button. They will also be able to search for and explore a large selection of entertainment.

“A TCL Roku Smart Soundbar will leverage Roku Connect to wirelessly connect to other Roku Connect devices in the home entertainment network. This means a TCL soundbar can easily work with other TVs or smart speakers within the Roku ecosystem.”

Good stuff, made even better by the fact that TCL’s new 6-series of Roku TVs look like potential price/performance champs. In all, the potential of the Roku Entertainment Assistant alone is enough to earn the TCL Roku Smart Soundbar an AVS Forum Best of CES 2018 award.

TCL Roku Smart Soundbar at CES 2018
These happy Roku fellows look perfectly pleased with the award.

Check out this video interview from CES 2018 that covers TCL’s new 6-series TVs and the TCL Roku Smart Soundbar: