Big Game, Big Screen—Sony Projectors Buyers Guide

Sony Projectors Buyers Guide

When it comes to football, nothing beats watching the big game on a big screen. You could get a large flat-panel TV, but that will seem puny compared with the humongous image only a projector can produce.

When the image is that large, it’s best to have as much resolution as possible—which means 4K. Sony is the clear leader in this field, offering a wide range of true 4K models—not “faux-K” or even UHD 4K (3840×2160), but true 4K (4096×2160). Even better, Sony 4K projectors provide a complete set of individual pixels that are not “wiggled” back and forth to create the illusion of more pixels than the imager actually has.

This is made possible by Sony’s SXRD (Silicon X-tal [Crystal] Reflective Display) technology, which forms the actual pixels on small imaging chips. The latest generation of SXRD imagers reproduce inky blacks, clear cinematic motion, smooth images, and improvements to the reflective layer provide even better light control than ever before.

All Sony 4K projectors support high dynamic range (HDR) in the HDR10 and HLG formats. HDR isn’t yet being used with football and other sports broadcasts, but it will likely be implemented in the next couple of years, probably in the HLG format. Meanwhile, HDR10 is currently being used with movies on UHD Blu-ray and from various streaming services, and it can make those movies look far better than anything that’s been available for the home before.

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