BluOS 3.0 Update – CEDIA 2018

BluOS 3.0 Multiroom Sound at CEDIA 2018

BluOS is a wireless multi-room streaming audio platform that focuses on fidelity. Now it’s taking on voice command while expanding to multiple brands.

At CEDIA 2018, Lenbrook showed the latest iteration of its wireless multiroom streaming music platform, BluOS 3.0 and I was there to discuss it with Greg Stidsen. Among the most interesting things he discusses in the video is how they enabled voice assistant support by building a cloud-based platform that can talk to any of the popular platforms, and not just Alexa or Google Assistant.

The BluOS approach to voice command allows the system to interact with any of the streaming music services that are supported by the platform, as opposed to just the ones supported by a voice assistant such as Amazon’s Alexa.

Another point worth underlining regarding BluOS is that the platform is expanding to multiple brands with Monitor Audio, Roksan and DALI in the mix.

Check out the interview:

Mark Henninger, Senior Editor at AVS Forum