Bowers & Wilkins 700 Series Signature Speakers

Bowers and Wilkins recently revealed it will produce Signature versions of two 700 Series speaker models: The 705 floorstander and the 702 bookshelf. Although these speakers utilize the same drivers as the regular 700 Series, it is not merely a cosmetic upgrade. The company touts a more refined and optimized crossover as well as finer fit and finish as differentiating factors.

These speakers offer the carbon dome “Solid Body Tweeter on Top” tweeter of the 700 Series as well as the Continuum cone for midrange/bass and on the 705 Signature, the Aerofoil bass driver. please drivers, and an ultra rigid cabinet form the foundation for the upgrades applied to the 700 Series Signature models.

Bower and Wilkins has helpfully provided a video that describes differentiating factors and key performance points of these new speakers:

If you are interested in reading the full press release, follow this link to the forum.