First Focal Powered by Naim Store in U.S. Opens

Focal is a French company that made its name with speakers but now offers headphones as well as electronics and has opened its first U.S. “Focal Powered by Naim” store in the U.S. It is located in Scottsdale Arizona adjacent to LMC Home Entertainment, an established high-end audio, home cinema and home automation retailer.

Focal’s product line covers price ranges from mainstream and affordable to some of the very highest-end (and priciest) speakers plus headphones. The company has teamed up with Naim Audio, the British high-end manufacturer famous for its amplifiers (hence “Powered by Naim”). Naim also designs and manufactures premium streaming and wireless products, DACs and a CD player. Powered by Naim products include the Mu-So Qb and Mu-so 2nd Generation wireless music systems.

Naim Mu-So 2nd Generation wireless music system

During my visit to the store’s grand opening, I took an opportunity to listen to all the demo systems. There are three listening rooms, each acoustically sealed from the other so that the music from any one demo never interfered with the other demos. The front room featured accessible (i.e. attainably priced) Focal gear, a second listening room highlighted home cinema—Focal makes subs and also center channel speakers for all its lines, even the “over-the-top” Utopia series speakers.

Moreover, Focal now offers the Astral 16 AV Processor & Amp, so it’s in the high-end home theater game with electronics as well as speakers. The company’s CI in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are part of the demo, serving as Atmos overheads in the rig I demoed.

Focal Kanta and Aria Series speakers

The third demo room at the Focal Powered by Naim store in Scottsdale is the largest and contains Focal Grande Utopia towers running off Naim amps. It’s a no-holds-barred supersystem that anyone who visits the store is welcome to demo. The idea is to expose more people the the very existence of gear of this caliber! Check out the video below and Mike Ware (who’s company LMC Home Entertainment opened this store). There are two other systems in the room, including Meastro Utopia Evo and Stella Utopia Evo speakers. The plan is to have a couch that rotates so all three systems may be demoed without having to rearrange anything.

Focal Powered by Naim stores also carry Focal’s popular headphones that also span price points from mainstream to “if you have to ask…” level luxury.

While this store is the first, I was told to expect more to open in the U.S. in the future.

Mike Ware of LMC Home Entertainment opened the first Focal Powered by Naim store in Scottsdale, AZ


Main entrance and front room of the new Focal by Naim store that opened October 30, 2019 in Scottsdale AZ.


The largest of the listening rooms is dedicated to Focal Utopia series speakers.