HDR Calibration and Evaluation Seminar at CE Week 2016

At CE Week 2016, a one-hour clinic on HDR calibration and evaluation was held by Samsung for the press and AV pros in attendance. It’s an evolution of a presentation the company has been giving for some time. For this edition, the demo used three 65-inch KS9800 HDR-capable Ultra HD TVs.

There’s plenty to glean from the discussion, led by noted video experts Florian Friedrich and Kevin Miller. The session was informal, with plenty of opportunity for the audience to ask questions.

A lot of what’s discussed pertains to the use of test and measurement patterns made for HDR TVs. These patterns come on a Ultra HD Blu-ray disc, and differ from those used in the past by being dynamic (you’ll see this in the video). Because HDR-capable TVs respond dynamically to content (especially FALD-LCDs), you don’t want to feed ’em static patterns. There’s even a segment on the new HDR workflow in CalMAN that’s designed to work with the pattern disc used in the demo.

Florian and Kevin also discuss mastering to different peak luminance (1000 nits versus 4000 nits), how to measure color and white clipping (you don’t need a meter), and more. One very interesting tidbit… some of the best of today’s consumer TVs are actually better than mastering monitors and now represent the cutting-edge of picture quality.

A couple notes on the video itself. I thought my Sony AX-53 would dynamically adjust to changing brightness levels. However it turns out that after the first minute or two the algorithm decided to mostly go with a bright exposure that clipped the output of the TVs. I am sorry for that as I would have preferred that the TVs be properly exposed rather than the audience. Regardless, I taped the session for the information conveyed by the presenters, not for the visuals.

The only difference between these two images is the exposure of the camera.


Florian Friedrich and Kevin Miller on HDR. Sorry about the overexposed TV screens.