HiFiMan DEVA: $299 Wireless Planar-Magnetic Headphones at CanJam 2020

The premium planar magnetic segment of the headphone market is proof that healthy competition can bring down prices while spurring innovation. At CanJam 2020, Planar magnetic headphone specialists HiFiMan showed off a new model, the DEVA, that ships with a dedicated Bluetooth/USB DAC module, which the owner can remove if they wish. The module provides four hours of playtime and charges in half an hour, and features amplification that is matched to the headphone drivers—for the best performance.

Compared to past HiFiMan models, the build quality is notably refined. The one-piece metal yoke has not exposed cabling.

These headphones are relatively light, extremely comfortable, and based on my listening at the show, delivery premium audio experience relative to the $300 price point. Expect to pay about this much for this level of quality without the Bluetooth/USB DAC attachment. Of course, with the attachment to get the benefit of either high-quality wireless, or lossless USB sound when connected to a PC or similar. Perfect for gaming.

Since the DEVAs are open back headphones, you will not be wearing them while you commute. However, they are able to provide a sublime listening experience as you take an early morning walk through a park, or simply enjoys the relative freedom of not having to do with the cable when you’re at home enjoying tunes.

Fang Bian Founder and CEO of HiFiMan chats about the new DEVA planar magnetic headphones that ship with a dedicated wireless module for 299 bucks