High-Res Audio Demo at CE Week

If you’re confused about high-resolution audio, you’re not alone. HRA guru Mark Waldrep explains it all at the mid-year CE conclave.

At this year’s CE Week, the consumer-electronics industry’s mid-year gathering in Manhattan, attendees will be treated to an hour-long demonstration of true high-resolution audio in 5.1 surround. Dr. Mark Waldrep, founder and chief engineer of AIX Records, will present “High-Resolution Audio: Formats, Facts, and Falsehoods” twice a day for three days—Tuesday, June 23, Wednesday, June 24, and Thursday, June 25—to help make sense of the confusion and conflicting definitions surrounding high-res audio.

Attendees will learn about the evolution of audio quality and consumer delivery formats, including the latest developments in high-resolution streaming as imagined by Jay Z’s Tidal service, our hi-fi future with Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) tracks, high-res download websites like PonoMusic, and surround music delivered in headphones.

Mark will share some of his best high-resolution 5.1 surround tracks—which have impeccable 24/96 provenance—on a first-class yet affordable playback system featuring an Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray player, NAD M17 preamp/processor and M27 power amp, and PSB Imagine T3 towers and C3 center speaker, all cabled up with interconnects and speaker leads from DH Labs.

Important topics of discussion will include:

– Audio provenance—Establishing fidelity at the time of the original recording;
– Defining high-resolution audio—What is HRA and what is not HRA? Hear the difference between standard resolution and new recordings made using HRA tools and techniques;
– Streaming versus downloading high-resolution audio—Introducing MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) from Meridian;
– A comparison of music played in stereo and two contrasting 5.1 surround mixes—Place yourself in the middle of the band in the “stage” mix or enjoy the “audience” perspective from the best seat in the house. Of course, there’s traditional stereo as well;
– A Q&A session at the conclusion of each session.

Waldrep says, “The emerging market for higher fidelity audio and surround music requires professionals and consumers to actually experience high-resolution surround audio to judge for themselves. This inaugural hi-res surround demo at CE Week will be a rare opportunity to hear whether HRA is fact or fiction.”

Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of AIX Records High-Resolution AudioSampler Blu-ray disc and a white paper titled “High-Resolution Audio: Demystified.” Further information is available at Mark’s daily blog site,  RealHD-Audio.com.

CE Week is generally open to the trades only; all qualified media, tech influencers, and members of the retail community are invited to register for CE Week at www.ceweekny.com. In addition, enthusiasts are invited to attend on Thursday, June 25, at no charge. Not only can you hear Mark’s presentation, you can also participate in the Value Electronics Flat-Panel Shootout (about which more here), attend Joe Kane’s high dynamic-range demo, and check out the exhibits on the show floor. To register for Thursday, simply send an email to Mark Waldrep with your full name; when you arrive at the venue (The Altman Building, 135 W 18th St., New York, NY), show your photo ID to get your badge.

It should be an amazing event, and I hope to see you there!