Hisense L8E and L10E Series 4K DLP Laser TV Projection Systems – CEDIA 2018

Hisense Dual Laser Light Source Laser TV UST Projection

Hisense Laser TV is a complete ultra short throw (UST) 4K DLP projection system featuring a laser light source. Today the company has introduced two new Laser TV series, the L8E and L10E, that include the projector, sound system and screen.

Updated… Check out the interview I did with Hisense at CEIDA 2018:

Hisense has both expanded and refined the product line, at once lowering the cost of entry with the 88″ L8E ($3800) and bringing high-performance to the table with the dual light source L10E that’s able to cover the DCI/P3 color gamut, comes in 100″ and 120″ sizes, and will be available this fall. Preorders for the L8E begin concurrent to CEDIA 2018.

These are 4K DLP projectors that use pixel-shift technology to put 8.3 million pixels up on screen (in other words, it’s not native 4K… but it is 4K). Thanks to the laser light source, they feature adaptive light control that helps with black levels in dark scenes and keeps the image looking crisp in bright rooms, says Hisense.

These systems are on display at CEDIA 2018 San Diego, which begins on Thursday, September 6. I’ll be there on the show floor, and plan to take a good close look at these projection systems. Hisense has been refining them for a few years, and since they are meant to be used in ambient lit situations, the intrinsically modest black levels of DLP aren’t necessarily the showstoppers there would be a dedicated home theater. If the system as a whole delivers DCI/P3 4K at 100″ or 120″ and a price that’s not crazy, certainly I want to know about it. The possibilities for sports seems insane!

Oh yeah, and speaking of sports… these are called Laser TV because they contain tuners! As well as smart TV features and even Alexa support. So, once the doors swing open at CEDIA 2018 expect to see me at booth 2401 checking these systems out and watch for an update when I have those impressions of this ultra short throw 4K DLP projection solution.

Mark Henninger, Senior Editor at AVS Forum