Interview with Panamorph’s Shawn Kelly – CEDIA 2018

Panamorph and Shawn Kelly at CEDIA 2018

While at CEDIA 2018, I took the opportunity to interview company CEO Shawn Kelly about where his company’s products fit into the home theater ecosystem and if 8K projectors pose a challenge to the optics.

For those who are not familiar with Panamorph and anamorphic lenses, they utilize the same technology used in motion picture film, which either horizontally or vertically compress the image using optics. In motion picture projection, this was used to squeeze wide-format photography onto a standard film frame. But at home, the same technology can be used to stretch the image produced by the 16×9 imagers found in most projectors, such that a wide format presentation utilizes all of the pixels and all of the light output that a projector can provide.

While anamorphic lenses are not right for every application, the increased brightness they provide can be a significant factor with premium (and therefore costly) projectors.

Check out the interview with Shawn:

Mark Henninger, Senior Editor at AVS Forum