Introducing the AVS Forum Review Awards

avs forum review awards

One of the most important mandates for the AVS Forum editorial team is to evaluate as many audio/video products as we can with direct, hands-on experience. To recognize the best products we find, we are proud to introduce the AVS Forum Review Awards.

The products we deem worthy will receive one of two awards. Those that epitomize superb performance and value—or, if they are very expensive, offer a significant or unique feature—are designated Top Choice. Products that provide great performance but less value—that is, they are relatively expensive compared with other options and don’t offer something unique—are identified as Recommended.

It’s important to note that we publish three different types of reviews. A First Look is just that—our initial impressions after spending a little time with a product. The next step up is what we call Hands On, for which we dig a bit deeper. Finally, there are full-blown reviews, which provide an in-depth evaluation of a product based on living with it for a while. All three types of reviews are eligible to receive an award.

We have retroactively applied the AVS Forum Review Awards to the products we’ve reviewed so far in 2017, and we will continue to incorporate them as merited going forward. If you take a look at the Product Reviews page, you’ll notice that many of the reviewed products have received one or the other award.

Doesn’t that dilute the significance of the awards? Not at all. In general, we review products that perform well and offer good value. Time is limited, so we concentrate on products we can genuinely recommend to our readers. Of course, if a product has attracted a lot of interest but turns out to be a clunker, we might review it anyway to alert readers that we think they should steer clear.

Naturally, the selections are based on our subjective opinions, as are all such reviews and awards from any publication or outlet. But we have decades of combined experience in the consumer-AV industry, so we feel confident that our opinions are sensible and reasonable. We congratulate the products that have already been recognized with AVS Forum Review Awards, as well as those yet to come!

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