KEF R-Series, LS50, Q100 & Kube-1 Spring Sale

KEF’s R-series speakers are a premium line of speakers that feature aluminum drivers and the company’s signature Uni-Q concentric 2-way midrange/tweeter. Also included in the line is KEF’s R400b subwoofer, a compact dual-opposed sealed design with 9″ drivers. Now, the R-series is on sale at KEF Direct and on

I reviewed a KEF R-series 7.2.4 system back in December 2015 and have been using it as a reference ever since. It’s an impressive blend of performance and aesthetics, albeit a bit pricey. Of course, that’s why it helps when desirable gear goes on sale.

For anyone who is interested in the KEF R-series, here are links to each item on Amazon:

KEF R900 Floorstanding Speaker:  $3600/pair (was $5000/pair)

KEF R700 Floorstanding Speaker: $3000/pair (was $3600/pair)

KEF R500 Floorstanding Speaker: $1900/pair (was $2600/pair)

KEF R300 Bookshelf Speaker: $1300/pair (was $1800/pair)

KEF R600C Center Channel Speaker: $1200 (was $1500)

KEF R200C Center Channel Speaker: $700 (was $1000)

KEF R400b Subwoofer: $1300 (was $1700)

KEF also has an attractive deal on its recently released Q100 bookshelf speakers as well as the LS50 mini-monitors and the Kube-1 subwoofer.

KEF Q100 Bookshelf Speaker: $250/pair (was $300/pair)

KEF LS50 Mini Monitors: $1300/pair (was $1500/pair)

KEF Kube-1 8″ Subwoofer: $400 (was $550)