KLH Model 5 Speaker Unveiled

Last week I went to Las Vegas to attend CES 2020. During press day, one of my first stops was the KLH suite at the Hard Rock Cafe, where I saw and heard the company’s new Model 5 speakers. This is a true return to the company’s roots, and an updated interpretation of a classic loudspeaker.

In this suite, the company had the new model five set up right next to the original model five. It is an acoustic suspension (sealed cabinet} three-way design that will look familiar to you anybody who grew up in the 1970s or 1980s. These large, boxy speakers explicitly benefit from the large internal volume afforded by their throwback form factor. And all that surface area offers an opportunity to show off the fine wood finishes that KLH offers.

KLH plans to sell the Model 5 for $2000 per pair, and that includes the stands that you see in the picture. An unusual feature of the new offering that is consistent with the original Model 5 is it offers passive attenuation of the midrange, for easy room tuning. Another feature of the original Model 5—dual midrange drivers—is gone, because using a single, updated, modern midrange driver offers better performance.

Getting down to specifics, the new Model 5 features a 1″ aluminum dome tweeter, a 4″ wood pulp paper cone midrange driver that utilizes a reversed half roll rubber surround, and a 10″ wood pulp paper cone woofer ( f with 2 inch voice coil) featuring a reversed three-quarter inch half roll rubber surround. The drivers have nonresonant cast aluminum baskets and the cabinets are made of MDF with real wood veneer.

The KLH Model Five on the included stand.

KLH employees to a high-quality 12 component crossover in the Model 5 and showed me technical measurements of the speaker as proof of performance. After auditioning a pair, I truly look forward to spending more time with a pair, and not just for nostalgic reasons. These are satisfying, performance loudspeakers that will please anybody who’s into high fidelity sound.