KLH Shows New VX-1 Amplified Keypad and Maxwell CI Speakers – CEDIA 2018

KLH is an iconic brand that is in the midst of a rebirth. The company held offsite meetings during CEDIA 2018 where I took the opportunity to check out its new products, including its lineup of tower and bookshelf speakers. The products included an innovative amplified keypad, the VX-1, that lets you retrofit existing in-wall single-source speaker wiring into a multi-room streaming audio system in just minutes. With 25 watts per channel and no power loss for runs up to 500 feet, it’s a cool little box.

The company also showed a new line of architectural speakers, the Maxwell line, that sounded sublime. These speakers come with sealed back boxes and are tuned as a closed system, instead of operating as infinite baffle speakers. I heard some tunes play through a pair and was really impressed with the dynamics and imaging. It was not as powerful as what I heard coming from the freestanding KLH towers, but the detail and dimensionality of the soundstage was impressive.

Check out this video:

Mark Henninger, Senior Editor at AVS Forum