Konka TVs at CES 2020

Konka has unveiled their new line-up of LED, QLED, AND OLED TVs for Spring 2020 at CES. 

“We are very excited to launch three key display technologies, all offering unique consumer advantages and high value.” said Scott Ramirez, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Konka North America, LLC. “In keeping with Konka’s mission to provide the best possible combination of quality, technology and value, Konka is providing an incredible line-up of smart TV products that are also a smart choice for both retailers and consumers.”

H3 Series

First up is the H3 Series, which features DynaBright dynamic dimming for enhanced contrast and AccuMotion 120 for crystal clear images no matter the speed. The H3 Series includes Android TV and smart home features, and full range of connectivity options including 3 HDMI inputs, and the stylish new ZeroBezel Design. The H3 Series will be available in 32” HD  at MSRP $199.99 and 40” FHD at MSRP $299.99.

U5 Series

At its core of the brand new U5 Series is the advanced XC3 UHD Engine comprised of CrystalView Clarity Enhancer, DeepBlack Contrast Enhancer, and PurePalette™ Color Enhancer technologies for remarkably clear picture quality. Konka has also incorporated the HiBright Pro Backlight for a 25% brighter picture in the u% Series, as well as ColorWave Wide Color Gamut for more lifelike colors. The U5 Series also includes DynaBright, AccuMotion 120, Android TV with the Free Voice Control Remote, and 4 HDMI 2.0 inputs. The U5 Series will be available in 43” at MSRP $399.99, 50” at MSRP $499.99, 55” at MSRP $599.99, 65” at MSRP $999.99, and 75” at MSRP $1,499.99.

Q7 Series

The Q7 Series starts with all the great features of the U5 Series while including the ColorWave Pro Wide Color Gamut with Quantum Dot Technology for 25% more color. Alongside the ZeroBezel™ Pro Design, the TV looks amazing both on or off. The Q7 Series will be available in 50” at MSRP $699.99, 55” at MSRP $799.99, 65” at MSRP $1,199.99, and 75” at MSRP $1,999.99.

X11 Series

The X11 OLED series utilizes a HiBright Ultra OLED Panel with ColorWave Ultra Wide Color Gamut for pure blacks and bright highlights. To make X11 Series stand out even more, Konka utilizes the ZeroBezel Ultra Design with Built-in Sound Bar and dbx TV Sound for fantastic picture, sound and design. The X11 Series will be available in 55” and 65” UHD screen sizes.

To read the full CES 2020 press release, click here.