LG HU70LA 4K RGB LED DLP Projector: Hands-On

Just yesterday I received a review unit of the LG HU70LA 4K LED DLP projector (MSRP $1799) that features and advanced 4-channel “wheel-less” design. It’s rated to output 1500 lumens and is ceiling-mountable. The MSRP of $1799 puts it in the same price category as a premium 75″ TV, making it an attractive option for anyone looking for a much larger picture (up to 140″) than a TV provides.

The LG HU7-LA uses a 4-channel LED light source that features discrete red, green and blue LEDs as well as a fourth “dynamic green” channel. Eliminating the color wheel allows this projector to express extremely vivid color that stays accurate over time.

This projector’s lens is sharp, but it is limited in that it does not provide any lens shift functionality. A 1.25X manual zoom is helpful in getting the image to fit, but in the end the options for positioning this projector are limited with ceiling mount being the most likely to work out in many instances. However this projector is also quite compact and can be used as a portable, for example placed on a coffee table and shining on a blank wall.

It’s the middle of the day and I cannot black out my living room, but I can already see this projector is nice and bright, and also sharp from edge to edge. It’s a DLP so I don’t expect miracles in terms of contrast, but the colors look vivid yet accurate right out of the box.

My very first impression is that the simple, somewhat limited lens does have the fringe benefit of being high quality (no visible chromatic aberration or geometric distortion) so there’s a give-and-take versus a highly adaptable lens like you’d find on an Epson or Sony. Main thing is, if you can find a good spot for this projector, it appears to be a solid performer for a 4K DLP.

More coming soon, I have to wait for the sun to set to see what this projector is able to do.

I’m using this projector with a Seymour Screen Excellence Ambient Visionaire screen with it (0.9 gain, ALR, 110″ diagonal 16:9).

As I get into my hands-on with this unit, please feel free to ask any questions you have about the LG HU70LA in the comments (click here to go to the forum)

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