Live from THE Show Newport 2016

In this special on-location episode, I chat with several exhibitors at The Home Entertainment (T.H.E.) Show Newport about what they’re highlighting, including Mark Waldrep of Aix Records (his upcoming book and Blu-ray entitled Music and Audio: A User Guide to Better Sound), Kevin Voecks of the Harman Luxury Audio Group (the new Revel Concerta2 speaker system), Owen Kwon of Astell&Kern (the new AK Recorder), Andrew Jones of ELAC America (the new B4 bookshelf speaker), Darin Fong of Darin Fong Audio (his Out of Your Head software-based speaker simulator), and Dan Wiggins of Starke Sound (the new H1 bookshelf speaker). I also ask them to share their thoughts about the benefits of high-resolution audio, answers to chat-room questions, and more.