MartinLogan Presents: Artists in Motion – David Hartley, The Offseason

David Hartley is a member of the Grammy Award -winning band The War on Drugs. David tours, but he also takes time off to be with family and friends. Or so he says, but his bandmates might disagree! Because break time also means solo project time… and Hartley has three full-length solo albums from a project he calls Nightlands and is working on a fourth release.

In this video you’ll see that a break from touring is no break from music making, rather it’s an opportunity to explore sound and create a personal work. Back home in Philadelphia, he’s got collaborators… his bandmate, The War on Drugs drummer Charlie Hall (who describes working with Dave as “like working with your brother”), is there… as is keyboardist/songwriter Severin Tucker. “I don’t even like taking a break from creating music so I can’t imagine ever stopping” notes David. Check out the video: