MartinLogan Presents: Artists in Motion – Sonny Emory / Sideman Magic

Join Sonny Emory as he discusses working with and leading musicians including his kids with his seven-member super group, Sonny Emory’s Cachet. Sonny is a legend who has drummed with legends. He was in Earth, Wind & Fire and played with Eric Clapton. Emory also played drums with the B-52s & Steely Dan on albums that went platinum!

In this video Sonny, who started playing drums at age 5, takes you into a practice session and discusses how he put the unit together and how he leads the band when playing, as a drummer but also as a father on stage with his kids and the pride it gives him. Just watch Sonny Emory play and you’ll definitely see an “artist in motion” because when he gets going, he’s fast and tight! So press play and discover how it all comes together for Sonny Emory’s Cachet in the “Sideman Magic” video.