MartinLogan Presents: Artists in Motion – Tim Meeks / The Harpejji

Delve into the creative process of musician and instrument designer Tim Meeks, inventor of the Harpejji. The Harpejji is an electric string instrument that blends elements of a piano and a guitar. In this video presented by MartinLogan, Tim talks about his creation, which he designed and builds. Currently there are (about) 500 Harpejji instruments in the world being used to make music.

The Harpejji is a relatively new creation developed by Meeks in 2007. The original model (d1) and its current incarnation (the K24) have a five-octave range and feature 24 strings. A 16-string version with a 4-octave range is available (the G16). There’s also a 12-string variant, the U12, which can be set up with high or low tuning.

Tim’s customers include top musicians (Stevie Wonder has one) as well as up-and-comers. The device’s design is something he likened to how a snowboard lets you go down the same slope as skis, but also provided a new and different way to accomplish the task at the time of its invention.

One of the most interesting aspects of the instrument is how it can be played by multiple musicians simultaneously. The sound it creates has a character that is recognizably unique. Check out the mellow tones of the Harpejji in the video.