How much Have You Spent on Your Dedicated Home Theater?

media room

This poll is for the folks who have a dedicated home theater.

Putting together a dedicated home theater is no trivial endeavor. Even at the very entry-level, and investment needs to be made in a projector plus screen (or a very large TV) l, plus a surround-sound system and furniture… and that’s at the absolute minimum.

Painting the room Black, adding risers, including acoustical treatments and other upgrades add to the expense. And once you get into themes theaters, adding a bar, building a sealed entry door, maybe attic enclosure for the projector… and that’s before we get into fundamentals, such as whether you start from scratch and build the actual structure with a dedicated theater in mind… there’s practically no limit to how far you can go to optimize a theater, beginning with the foundation or floor. if you want a screening room that would make a Hollywood a-list director or photography proud, even that is doable..

Here on AVS Forum, home theater is the focus. From DIY to pie in the sky, this forum has it all. Indeed, over the years this community has influenced the home theater industry itself in numerous ways. Which is why we are now curious as to how much you have invested in your dedicated home theater.

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