Polk Shows New HTS10 and HTS12 Subs at CEDIA 2017

You know what always makes me happy? New subwoofers! So, it was with a giant grin on my face that I checked out the new HTS10 and HTS12 ported subwoofers from Polk, which made their debut at CEDIA 2017 in San Diego.

These are affordable subwoofers that feature Polk’s PowerPort design that aims to improve air flow for a cleaner sound. Note the liberal use of polyfill and the sophisticated construction of the port.

Polk HTS12 Subwoofer PowerPort
The HTS10 and HTS12 (seen here) have a PowerPort tuned port designed to eliminate chuffing

The HTS10 ($349) is a 10″ forward-firing vented model that promises chuff-free performance. The amplifier is rated at 100 watts continuous, 200 watts peak power. That’s good for a frequency response of 30 Hz to 120 Hz (-3dB) and 25 Hz to 180 Hz (-10dB).

Polk’s HTS12 ($449) is a fair bit more robust. It offers twice the amplification and a 12″ driver for a hundred bucks more. The larger driver, cabinet, and amplifier combine to give it a frequency response of 28 Hz to 120 Hz (-3dB) and 22 Hz to 180 Hz (-10dB).

Tight bass is an incredibly important factor to any audio system. Our HTS Subwoofers provide increased amplification, improved driver construction and great dynamic range, all factors that are going to completely amaze and delight listeners,” said Michael Greco, global brand director, Polk Audio. “When it comes to subwoofers, efficiency and accuracy are absolutely crucial to deliver clean, chest-thumping bass. This is why we chose to leverage Polk’s PowerPort technology for the HTS Subwoofers—it dramatically reduces port turbulence and noise while preserving depth and clarity.

Other features include line-level inputs, a 12V trigger for on/off switching, plus volume, low-pass filter, and phase controls (0/180-degree toggle).

Here’s a brief video where I walk into the Sound United booth (Polk’s corporate parent) and approach the HTS12.

A brief video showing the Polk HTS10 and HTS12 subwoofers at CEDIA 2017

These are intriguing subs at attractive price points, hopefully they deliver the goods when put to the test. These subs will ship in October 2017.