Poll: How Often Do You Replace Your TV?

Replace your TV

Spring is right around the corner and that means new TV models are on the way, along with the annual ritual of deciding if it’s time to upgrade. New features, better performance and lower prices all add to the appeal of getting a new TV, but the threshold for going through with an upgrade differs from person to person.

Some television owners have a simple plan: When the old one breaks, they buy a new display. Others purchase a new TV just about every year, with the most enthusiastic videophiles often paying an early adoption premium in order to to enjoy the latest video technologies. Of course, there’s a large middle ground between those two approaches, with many folks opting to upgrade every few years while waiting until the fall holiday season to take advantage of sale prices.

Today, the pace of progress in TVs is faster than ever. It’s only been nine years since Avatar came out and sparked a 3D frenzy, since then we’ve seen the death of 3D, the death of plasma, the last of the rear-projection DLPs, the introduction of OLED, the advent of 4K and HDR, the adoption of high-fidelity streaming, the birth and death of curved screens, vertiginous price drops on ever-larger displays, and the emergence of Chinese competitors like TCL and Hisense. Of course LG, Samsung and Sony still do battle for the hearts and minds premium TV shoppers. Plus, there’s the remarkable fact of Vizio’s rise to become one of the top selling video display brands in the U.S. (technically many of its models are not TVs since there’s no tuner).

With so much happening in the TV industry in such a short period of time, it’s a reasonable postulation that upgrade cycles are shrinking. I’m very curious to see what the results of this poll will be. Of course, many households have more than one TV but what I’m looking for is how often you replace the TV you watch the most.

So here’s the question:¬†How often do you replace your primary TV? Click here to take the poll.