Poll: Will CES 2021 Take Place as Scheduled?

The annual Consumer Electronic Show that takes place in Las Vegas every January is the largest electronics tradeshow in the world.

When it comes to consumer electronics, no trade show looms larger than CES. For the AV crowd, it is the event where all the TV makers unveil their latest, greatest technology. However that is a problem because having huge crowds from all around the world all squish into one place is now a big issue.

CES 2020 occurred just before coronavirus became a global pandemic and was not affected. But all bets are off for 2021 due to the global disruption caused by coronavirus. Trade shows that were to take place this spring have been rescheduled, not to mention major events such as the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Granted, January 2021 is still a bit far away, but I am looking for opinions on whether CES 2021 will take place this coming January 6-9.

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