RBH Sound Releases SVTRS Limited Edition Speaker System

Cost no object crowd, here’s a new speaker system from RVH sound: SVRTS Limited Edition ($44,995.95). RBH Sound officially unveiled this system at the 2020 Florida Audio Expo in Tampa. The Utah based company specializes in high-performance electronics and loudspeakers for home and pro audio and this limited edition of 20 speakers helps commemorate its 45th anniversary (the committee was founded in 1976).

In this case, the money buys you a pair of 78 inch tall speakers that weigh 310 pounds each. This is a modular design and includes amplification as well as DSP. It speaker consists of three parts, the center module that has three 8-inch aluminum cone woofers plus a Aurum Cantus AMT tweeter. Above and below the module, subwoofers. Namely, dual forward-facing 12 inch drivers for each sub (4 per speaker) that are in enclosures attached to the center module using steel plates to create a single speaker.

“Designed for superior fidelity and to work seamlessly with the Marani processor, RBH’s 6α amplifier includes six channels of class D amplification: two channels at 250 Watts (AMT tweeters), two channels at 500 Watts (8” woofers) and two channels at 1,500 Watts (12” woofers). For the demonstration system, RBH used their 8α amplifier which included two extra channels (one at 250 Watts and the other at 500 Watts) for a matching SV-821CR center channel.” – RBH press release

These speakers rely on full active crossovers with and incredible 108 dB/octave crossover slope that includes phase/response correction. Rated frequency response is 17 Hz to 35 kHz, +/-3 dB. You can order from a dealer now, and soon the option to buy direct from the company will be available on rbhsound.com.