Samsung Announces Pricing and Availability of 2016 SUHD TVs

Yesterday I attended Samsung’s annual line show, held at Samsung 837. The new cultural center is located in the heart of Manhattan and is worth visiting if you find yourself in that neighborhood with a bit of time to spare. During the event, the company announced pricing and availability for its 2016 8-series and 9-series SUHD TVs, including the company’s flagship KS9800. Here’s the scoop on the new models:

Samsung’s KS9800 SUHD TV line sports a 10-bit quantum-dot display capable of rendering a billion different colors. It uses a curved FALD LCD that offers 1000 nits peak brightness for vivid HDR. The panel features a moth-eye screen coating that both reduces reflections and visibly improves black levels. The KS9800 will be available early June as a 65″ model priced at $4500 while an 88″ model will cost $20,000. Meanwhile, a 78″ model available in early May will sell for $10,000.

Brandt Warner, Senior Director of TV Product Marketing with the just-unveiled KS9800.

The KS9500 curved SUHD TV line features bezel-free edgelit-LCD TVs equipped with 10-bit quantum-dot panels that achieve 1000-nit brightness and can render a billion different colors. I’ve spent some quality time with various KS9500s and it produces the best-looking picture I’ve yet seen coming from an edgelit LCD. The KS9500 is available now in a 55″ model that costs $2500 and a 65″ model that sells for $3700. A 78″ model will become available in June and will cost $8000.

For fans of flat TVs, Samsung’s KS9000 SUHD flat TVs offer essentially the same technology package as the KS9500 models. It’s an edgelit quantum-dot panel with HDR capability that is available now in a 55″ version for $2300 and 65″ for $3500. A 75″ model will arrive in early June for $6500.

Next up is the KS8500 curved SUHD TV, which also features quantum-dot color and 1000-nit peak brightness with HDR content. It is available now, and comes in three sizes. The 55″ model is $2000 and 65” model is $3000. A 49″ model arrives in May and will cost $1,700. And then there the KS8000 SUHD TV models that have a similar feature set as the KS8500 series, but are flat. The Samsung KS8000 is already available in a 55″ size for $1800, and 65″ for $2800. Starting in May, it will be available in a 49″ version for $1500, and a 60″ model will cost $2300.

All these new TVs sport the latest iteration of Samsung’s Smart Hub interface, which has evolved into something quite elegant (and intelligent). The new TVs offer plug-and-play operation with many different sources—gaming consoles, cable boxes, streaming devices, Blu-ray players, etc. Smart Hub treats sources, apps, and TV channels as content, meaning switching sources is not different than changing channels. The key to this seamless, holistic experience is the company’s newest remote that continuously adapts to control connected devices without the need for programming.

Another feature of these new TVs is an ability to serve as a SmartThings hub, which allows it to control a variety of home automation devices like locks, lights, and security cameras.