Samsung Q900R 8K HDR QLED TV First Impressions – CEDIA 2018

Samsung Q900R QLED 4K HDR TV at CEDIA 2018

8K makes its U.S. debut in a consumer TV at CEDIA 2018 in the form of Samsung’s Q900R QLED FALD. It’s a gorgeous 85″ TV that earns a Best of CEDIA 2018 nod.

8K is on the way and at CEDIA 2018 in San Diego it made its first U.S. appearance in a consumer TV, manifesting as the Samsung Q900R QLED TV. Since 8K content is very rare, the company emphasized the advantages of upscaling to an 8K canvas that consists of 33.1 million pixels.

The 85″ Q900R model that’s bound for the U.S. was shown at CEDIA. It looks like the finest, most home theater-centric TV the company has produced and will surely dazzle fans of HDR with its incredibly punchy picture. While Samsung followed typical show floor practice and ran the demo unit in what amounts to vivid mode, the fundamental quality possessed by these TVs was undeniable and they color and contrast held up, even off-axis.

Samsung noted that the Q900R is a full-fledged QLED TV, with all the features that entails like a sophisticated Game Mode and the decor-friendly Ambient Mode.

It is possible to connect a USB drive to the Q900R and load actual 8K content, but for now streaming and HDMI are working in 4K and the TV uses Samsung’s AI upscaling to maximize the fidelity of the video.

According to the company, AI upscaling relies on data from a dynamic database that is fed to the Q900R and other AI upscaling TVs through updates. The idea is the TV’s ability to upscale will improve over time, and that it already beats static approaches to upscaling.

In consideration of the picture quality I witnessed, and the simple fact it’s an 8K TV that people will be able to buy, plus more generally the Samsung TV videophiles have patiently been waiting for (a flat, monolithic, huge, FALD slab that just kicks ass)… I’m giving the Samsung Q900R a Best of CEDIA 2018 award.

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Mark Henninger, Senior Editor at AVS Forum