Seymour-Screen Excellence Trim Motorized Masking Screen – CEDIA 2018

Seymour Screen Excellence Trim

The Trim motorized masking screen from Seymour Screen Excellence is a great way to support multiple aspect ratios with your projection system.

A motorized masking screen is an excellent, but typically costly addition to a home theater. The goal is to frame content to match the native aspect ratio, which for many movies is 2.40:1 but for Tv and some movies is 16:9. At CEDIA 2018 Chris Seymour of Seymour Screen Excellence shows off the Trim motorized masking screen, which is derived from the high-end TAM (True Aspect Masking) screens the company sells. The difference is the Trim screens are made with smaller, lighter materials and do not require the same degree of costly packaging and shipping as their pricier cousins. Just the fact that the velvet panels can be shipped in a cardboard box, saving $1000 in freight.

Yes, the focus of affordability creates size limitations for Trim screens, but you can still get a custom-made screen (manufactured in Iowa) that has acoustically-transparent motorized masking and is built to precision tolerance (there’s basically no gap between the mask and the screen) for $6000 to $10,000, depending on screen size and material. With top/bottom masking, screens max out at 130″ wide and with side masks the limit for Trim screens is 150″ wide, which is still quite substantial.

Check out the interview with Chris Seymour that includes the Trim screen masking system at work:

Mark Henninger, Senior Editor at AVS Forum