Sony UBP-X800 UHD Blu-ray Player at CES 2017

Sony UBP-X800

The list of Ultra HD Blu-ray players just grew a bit larger with the introduction of the Sony UBP-X800. Few details were given at the press conference, but I learned that it will support only HDR10, not Dolby Vision, which is a bit strange, since the company made a big deal about supporting Dolby Vision in its TVs.

In another interesting twist, the player has no analog outputs whatsoever—only HDMI and optical digital audio along with a USB port. Speaking of digital audio, the UBP-X800 supports high-resolution audio up to 24-bit/192 kHz and DSD up to 11.2 MHz. In addition, it will stream 4K content from services like Netflix and send audio to Bluetooth headphones.

The UBP-X800 is scheduled to become available in the spring, though no pricing was given. I assume it will be less than the previously announced UBP-X1000ES, which is a more premium product that will be available only through custom installers.