SVS 2000 Pro Subwoofers at CES 2020

Anyone who has done the legwork of shopping for a high performance subwoofer is familiar with SVS. The company known for its wide variety of subs as well as exceptional customer service. Now SVS has announced the 2000 Pro Series of subs, the replacement for the 2000 Series that is the company’s all-time bestselling line.

At CES 2020 SVS demoed its PB2000 Pro subwoofers in a system that also featured its latest tower speaker, the Pinnacle Prime. What’s remarkable, but also consistent for SVS, is that the overall sound the company achieved at the show had better bass than just about any system aside from the cost-no-object home theaters. As I sat through the SVS demo, it was plainly obvious that the 2000 Pro is among the few I heard at the show which easily covered both the “clean and deep” category and the “wow you can really feel that bass” category.

For delivering best-in-class bang-for-buck bass, the 2000 Pro series subs get an AVS Forum Best of CES 2020 award.

The SVS demo system at CES 2020