Yamaha TT-N503 MusicCast Wi-Fi Turntable – CEDIA 2018

Yamaha TT-N503 MusicCast Turntable at CEDIA 2018

It’s been three decades since Yamaha released a new turntable but that’s exactly what the company did at CEDIA 2018. Reason enough to start dancing! No joke, when the needle dropped on Thriller, that’s what happened with the new TT-N503 MusicCast turntable from Yamaha. Proof of the power of music to get you off your butt, all you need is the right tunes and the right attitude.

What’s more, because it’s 2018 this turntable comes packed with connectivity features that let you share music throughout the house, regardless for where you put the player. Sure, someone has to flip the record every now and then, but you are not limited to any one room anymore. The new TT-N503 MusicCast turntable from Yamaha is available to preorder now and is sure to get the party popping. Records… are about having fun and enjoying music and Yamaha clearly gets that.

Check the video out:

Mark Henninger, Senior Editor at AVS Forum

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